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Hanging On

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A fresh Beautiful Demoiselle drying in between two sticky leaves of a sticky plant. So delicate altogether, and yet he/she managed to hang on while i tried to get closer.. lucky the Demoiselle didn’t fell off.. Another lesson learned as a photographer: don’t interrupt your subject/environment too much!

Beauty of the Dragon


Lately i’ve been taking a lot of pictures of dragonflies.. they are marvellous creatures and i now understand why they have there names.. they look like dragons if you look at their silhouettes (see the last picture of this set if you want to know what i mean)! Here are some of my personal favorites from last week 🙂
Bos- en weidebeekjuffer-2
They call me dragon-2

Female Dragon(fly) Power!!

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Madame Bosbeekjuffer-2
After posting a lot of male dragonflies it is time to be captivated by a female dragonfly. This lady gave me the opportunity to come up close and take a good look at her.. Beauty is in the eye of the (dragon’s) beholder!! 😉

To make things clear, this is the female counterpart of the Beautiful Demoiselle i posted last week (Beautiful Demoiselle)

Beautiful Demoiselle



After posting the Banded Demoiselle – which turns out to be pretty common in the Netherlands – i decided to give it another shot. Got tipped by a friend of mine and i found the Beatiful Demoiselle. Its a red list species here in the Netherlands, but luckaly it wasnt very hard to find for me.. The perfect habitat for this Dragonfly is less than 5km away from my home! If you get the change to see it, do so! Beautiful blue wings!!