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Palm Trees

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A lovely evening at Ellis Beach with Palm trees swinging in the wind. Thought it was perfect for a BW image


Along the Coast



Magical and mystical, the coastline of northern Queensland Australia.. really nice vibe to it all, even with clouds covering the sky!

Travel – a Monochromed Madness Theme



This week is the first of the month, so it means that at Leanne Cole there is a themed Monochrome Madness. This month’s theme is Travel. For the image i choose, i didn’t choose to go through all my travel photos to pick the one i liked the most. Instead, i intuitively choose this picture i took a little over a week ago at the coast in Zeeland (a province in the south-west of the Netherlands, close to the sea as it’s name translates to Sea land). It’s one of my former roommates walking through the wet sand on our stroll on the beach. I personally like the simplicity of it. Not difficult to see what the image is about and yet the reflection creates a subtle extra dimension. Walking is such a wonderful way to travel. Just go where the legs will bring you

And as an extra i’d like to show the original colored version too, think the sand looks great in colors πŸ™‚

Panoramic Seaing

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Beach Panorama kleiner

Click here for a bigger version

Last year in September we enjoyed our last day in Croatia with a dinner at the beach close to Split. Had my camera with me and shot this panoram of the beautiful sunset


Slowly dying sunset

SAM_1844 zoom

Slowly dying sunset

Slowly the sun glided over the water on its way across the horizon, underway shedding off light. The waves slowed down as they settled for the night.
The boats enjoyed the calmness of the evening and anchored their stay. As the sun touched the mountain, a path of light came my way. As my feet stood in the sand, my eyes gazed upon the sky. At this precious moment no need to wonder why. Appreciating that nothing lasts forever, the beauty lies in accepting death like its now, not never. Life has meaning in every moment met, just like a slowly dying sunset.

Bittersweet Goodbye


Sunset at the Beach2-3 WP

The last evening in Croatia we had a marvellous sunset.. beautiful scenery combined with a calm sea and wonderful colors. Really amazing place Croatia. Now one and a half week home it’s nice to have these kinds of memories left to explore πŸ™‚

Adriatic Sunset

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De baai

Beautiful sunset at a local beach bar close to Split in Croatia. Really vivid colors and great scenery to enjoy. This is a panorama made of 3 vertical shots to capture the colors in the sky as well as the foreground. Do enjoy and click one time for enlargement!

Moeraki Boulders

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Moeraki Boulders-2klein

A picture from New Zealand back in 2008, taken by my brother and edited by me. These stones are called the Moeraki Boulders and they lay along the eastcoast of the southern island of New Zealand. Fun site to walk through!

West McDonnells Range

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West McDonnells Range17
One of the many great spots in the West McDonnells Ranges. These Ranges are located to the west of Alice Springs and are not as familiar as Uluru (Ayers Rock) which is pretty close nearby. I was Lucky my former roommate had done his research and booked one week in our schedule for these beautiful and strange places..

Abel Tasman paradise

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Abel Tasman klein
Creative Commons License

Abel Tasman National Park next to Nelson on the Southern Island of New Zealand is amazing! Pristine beaches with lush forests and cabins from the department of conservation in which you can sleep. All the luxury you need, nature provides everything else. Imagine waking up and seeing this as the first thing in the morning? Not bad huh? πŸ™‚