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The Dock of the Bay

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Very nice canvas hanging in the apartment where I’m staying atm


[edit] updated the image, found out i’ve uploaded a low quality version [/edit]


Fishing as the clouds drift by



A fisherman at Zadar pier in Croatia during last years holiday. Added a bit of drama to the sky and sea to really make the fisherman stand out

Majestic City


Panorama Edinburgh klein
Please click one time for a larger version of this image. It’s a panorama of Edinburgh in Scotland as seen from Calton Hill.

Also uploaded it to photobucket, so if you’re interested, check out the fullsize here

Akaroa Bay

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Akaroa Bay2
Creative Commons License

A picture from a day out with the Park Rangers during my internship back in 2008. We visited the hills near a small settlement called Akaroa (a former French colony) and up there the view was amazing! On one side you can see the ocean (https://pnco.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/oceans-view/) and on the other side while on our way back to the town this was the view!

Loch Harport

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Tallisker Distillery
Creative Commons License
This photo was taken on the Isle of Skye near the Tallisker Distillery (where they make Tallisker whisky).. the yellowish foreground is typical for the Isle of Skye, seen it in many bays! As you can see, a lot of mist 🙂