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My first exposition!



Since last week 20 of my images are in an exposition at the office i work in Deventer. Very cool to see all these images come alive. As i could do the selection, i choose a variety of work. Some edited with photoshop and others from the time i first started to really do photographing. Wanted to show you ladies and gentlemen the photographs. The above image is the actual setting. Below is a gallery with all 20 photographs. You may recognize some of them, as i’ve posted them before.

Let me know what you think of the collection πŸ™‚


A Light Portrait

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A photograph taken in Australia back in 2010 by a friend of mine. Just fixed the headlight so i was very happy to pose with it.

Curtain Fig Tree

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The Tree

A large tree in the middle of the jungle in Queensland Australia. This one is famous and even has its own Wikipedia entry (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtain_Fig_Tree)

The tree is estimated to be over 800 years old and its roots go down 15 meters before touching the ground. Very impressive sight, this tree is really immense!


Uluru up close


Uluru close up

Magical landscape surrounding the holy aboriginal mountain of Uluru. Way more green than i’d expected it to be. Really wonderful to have walked on sacred ground πŸ™‚

Red Desert Sand


Red Desert Sand klein

Australian sand is beautiful with its red color. Especially in the Northern Territory and the northwest of Queensland we’ve seen many miles of it and actually drove a bit on dirt roads. Amazing to see and when it’s pristine like this, the details become enhanced. It was a real treat πŸ™‚

The King’s Canyon


Kings Canyon panorama

This is another magical place in Australia, called Kings Canyon. A huge crater with steep cliffs and beautiful alienating stone structures and with a hidden oasis in the middle. Such a marvellous sight, it was a wonderful experience to have walked there!

This image contains 2 photographs which are stitched together.

Kata Tjuta


Kata Tjuta

Please check the Full size (2500×548) to this panorama in a better way. Kata Tjuta, aka the Olga’s. Beautiful place and it was raining a bit. Used the clouds to create a bit of drama in the sky. In the original situation it was more like a light drizzle, everything covered in soft and wet clouds. But couldn’t resist helping and playing a bit πŸ™‚

The Valley of the Winds


Valley of the Winds klein0

As one travels through the barren land
These giants appear out of nowhere
A valley hidden in the red desert sand
Once the Great Ancestors stood there
Winds continue to whisper their stories
If one can be silent one can still hear
What is stored in these old memories
They tell us Dreaming is alive in here