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Mystical atmosphere

The Dutch Pyramid

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The pyramid of Austerlitz was build by one of the generals in the army of Napoleon, but was named after a Czech village. The general who build the pyramid had hopes it would be named after him, but history proved him wrong..

20: Autumn Dream


Autumn Dream

Leaves on the ground   hardly any sound
The wind is soft and sway
What is still here will soon fade away
The mystical atmosphere of the forest
Trigger dreamlike images    fantasy of the mind
The magic lake mirror merges the sky and earth

As i drift away swimming in a sea of thoughts
The depth of being    unfathomable
Traveling between waking and sleeping
Life unfolds itself like an infinite dream
Where beings of the old play ancient games
Their dance of illusion distorts reality

Slowly awakening from the catnap
I realize i dozed away again
I can’t help but wonder how i didn’t see
That the whole time sleeping
The world was upside down

Isle of Skye in the mist

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Isle of Skye in the mist_klein
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The Isle of Skye and Scotland in general seem to attract lots of clouds and mist. While on the Isle of Skye, we basically had two days of mist with an occassional sunbeam shining through the clouds. But the good thing about it, is that it creates a mystical atmosphere, one which fits the Island. This is one of the pictures i took while driving around the beautiful island.