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Eagle Owl

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Made a new version of an earlier post

Such an impressive bird. Guess it comes with the looks πŸ™‚


Muiden Harbor


Last weekend went away with friends and we stayed at a boat which you can rent through Airbnb.. pretty cool! And this was the view, looking into the harbor of the town of Muiden (close to Amsterdam)

Amsterdam Central


Amsterdam Centraal

Played a bit with an old image. Inspired by many photographers i see on a Dutch photo website, i tried to create a special industrial look. The sky was a bit of a nightmare with all the overexposed spots, so instead i just removed the sky and replaced it by a grey color and added a bit of noise. Very much fun to do cause it’s so different compared to how i would normally edit an image.

View over the IJ in Amsterdam


Het IJ Panorama3_2
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This is a panorama of the view we had last sunday while following a couple of interesting lectures on health and meditation. Took my camera with me and it was a good choice. Made a couple of nice pictures and this one is my personal favorite! Still love the processing in Photoshop and then seeing the end result popping up πŸ™‚