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Oh my.. is there an addiction around me? Why have we become so dependent?


As i travel many miles every week by train, i see many people there. Young and old.
And i see them use their phones. A lot. We’ve become so dependent. Even myself.
Even if i want to quit using a smart phone, what will i do if all my friends use Whatsapp for communication?

To me it’s interesting that the social aspect (or perhaps pressure) is keeping people on board.
As for myself, i’m reconsidering getting an old Nokia 3310..

Breaking Free

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The illusory play of mind
Makes me believe what I see
Let’s me hear what is not there
Thoughts pop up ceaselessly
Like effortlessly playing a game
The mind tries to hold me hostage

I want to break free!

Daring to cross the threshold
Confronting the familiar patterns
Overcoming addictive habits
Questioning the rigidity of this body
Investigating the very nature of I
Where is this mind I hold so dear?

Who wants to break free?