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Wallaman Falls

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All the way down to the basin of the Wallaman Falls, the highest single drop waterfall in Australia. The area is filled with beautiful pristine rain forests and has a great natural camping ground. Really enjoyed our time there back in 2010. And this one will certainly be featured in the photobook. I actually made the first selection for the book. So finally it’s underway 😀


Work in Progress

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Yes! I’m working on the photobook.. in the mind that is lol.. i’m getting all ready to open all them different folders and copying the best images…
And in the mean time i’ve also been thinking about creating a watermark. Does any of you know how to make a watermark out of an image? I would love to use this image as it reminds me of a beautiful holiday in Australia back in 2010.. good thing to have sweet memories attached to all my photographs lol

Auzzie Falls

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During the holiday in Australia back in 2010 we came across a number of waterfalls, some of which i have posted (number 2 in the top 10 posts is an example) but these three pictures i didn’t post before. As you may remember, i really love water.. it calms me down and lets me listen to the beautiful sound of flowing water 🙂