Hummingbird hawk-Moth

Such a fast little butterfly.. really like this species and i was fortunate enough to register this little fellow


5 responses to “Hummingbird hawk-Moth

  1. Lovely. We see them occasionally in our garden. And they are usually the clear wing variety. How did you manage to get so many focused pictures ? They move so fast I am lucky to get one or two in focus.

    • Thanks John! I was lucky that this butterfly really loved these flowers, so it was moving relatively ‘slow’. Combined with a very short shutter speed and a bit of luck i was able to get these shots 🙂

  2. Deze beestjes zijn even snel als een kolibri vogeltje !
    Het is dan ook al een hele prestatie om ze zo scherp op de foto te krijgen. Petje af hoor !

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