Sorry mandala

Sorry can feel like regret. But it can also be a resolution to move on and grow. It can feel like a warm embrace or like a cold harsh word. Sorry can feel honest or like a blatant lie. I’ve felt and experienced all of these in my life.

Right now i’m in a phase where sorry stands for gratitude. Gratitude for learning about myself in new ways, by seeing the untruths i told myself in the past. Not holding any grudge against myself, but instead using the light to shine in those hidden corners where parts of me are waiting to be seen but are too shy to come out. By seeing these parts and re-connecting once more, sorry transforms into a feeling of appreciation for the journey, thankful for all the support i’ve received in getting to this point and grateful for the growth it brings.

By helping me to see what’s no longer true, sorry helps me to become whole again.


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