Interesting take on the Corona Virus

Germany boss Joachim Low says the world is suffering a “collective burnout” as the coronavirus pandemic brings undesirable truths of modern culture into focus.

“The last few days have kept me very busy and very thoughtful,” said Low. “The world has a collective burnout. Not just individuals, but everyone. I felt that the world or the Earth is a little bit stubborn and resisting against the people. People always think that somehow they know everything, can do everything.

“The speed, which we humans have set in the last years, could not be increased. Power, greed, profit, even better results and records were in the foreground.  Environmental disasters or the forest fires in Australia only touched us in passing. Diseases, Ebola from Africa got stuck somewhere.

“Now we have experienced something that affects every single person and the whole of humanity. And now we realise in this time that we also have to look at important things.”

“We are discovering what counts, namely family, friends, fellow human beings, how we treat each other, how we respect each other,” said 60-year-old Low. “That these are things that also count in life. And that is what we have to look at first and foremost.”

Source: Sportstar

I find this perspective by German national soccer coach refreshing and meaningful. It’s an open invitation to go within and contemplate the current events in a new light. It allows for compassion towards the Earth and towards humanity. Perhaps it’s time to admit that we have been ignorant and that we have had our priorities wrong..


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