26: Tree of Life

Seeing you feels enchanting
You swirl your way to the top
With leaves so soft and smooth
Colored in the most subtle colors
This little paradise is your domain
Although small others are dwarfed
By your enormous presence
In the silence which surrounds you
I cannot help but wonder..
Can this be the tree of life?

14 responses to “26: Tree of Life

  1. beautiful words and photo, Pieter. It looks more like a painting. The tree has grown in an extraordinary and beautiful way and you are a friend of nature, too, as far as I can see, warm regards Mitza

    • Thank you tiramit. I’ll look into your reference to van Gogh. Some other people made the same reference, which makes me curious. This one is in a way more open, though there was a lot of openess in the other picture too. But i see what you mean. This little tree stands free now, free to roam and be πŸ™‚

      Warm regards, Pieter

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