Farewell dear Pooh

My dear friend Pooh has left the earthly plane today. He had become very skinny and almost didn’t eat and drink any longer. 2 years ago we were in a similar situation, but back then i had the feeling that his life was not over yet. This time it felt different. It felt that he was ready to leave. So when i came home from the vet yesterday, i thought about what he said. He told me it was better for him to go to sleep. I could not decide immediately but after a few hours i realized that he was right and that i was ok with Pooh having to go.

So this afternoon the vet came and gave Pooh the injections which caused his death. Pooh was calm and died within no time. I’ve been doing a lot of Buddhist practice the last few days and playing a lot of Vajrasattva mantras for him. Pooh was to me a true Bodhisattva, a big hearted lovely creature who taught me patience, being calm and how to rest when turmoil is trying to take over the mind. I am thankful of the many years we have shared together and i wish him a safe journey to the other side.



6 responses to “Farewell dear Pooh

  1. I can’t hold back my tears, dear Pieter. I have seen so many photos of him in your blog and felt how much you love cats – just like me. It’s wonderful that you are able to look at it in a buddhistic way and you will surely meet him again. I wish I could give you a hug, kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you so much for your kind and compassionate words and your virtual hug Mitza! I’ve been fortunate enough to be prepared this time. Two years ago I was not ready to let go, but now it felt like the right time to let go. And the practice really helps me to shift focus from my needs to the needs of Pooh and his brother. Buddhism provides with an elaborate scheme to deal with the loss by creating a 49-day window in which we practice for the benefit of the deceased. This helps to deal with the feelings of loss and mourning.
      Very helpful. And of course there is sadness, but also gratitude!
      Kind regards, Pieter

  2. Hey Pieter,

    Je hebt mooi en sterk afscheid genomen van Pooh. Dat raakte me. Ik wens je toe dat je de herinnering aan hem nog lang met je mee zult dragen.

    All the best,

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