13: Slow down now

Slow down now. Take it easy. Take a deep breath

Sometimes i really need to remind myself of this. Slowing down comes natural for snails. Home is wherever they are.
I think we humans can learn a lot from snails. For me snails represent beautiful metaphors and a powerful reminder that it’s ok to take things a little more easy.
Why worry and hurry if you can achieve the same thing while being relaxed? Focusing is much more easy when we’re relaxed.
And we’ll get there in the end, just like the snails do. Just glide towards where you want to be and you’ll arrive there one day.

Speaking about the heart, why not see our heart as our true home? Everything else can be taken from us, but as long as we are alive our heart is with us. And if we take up compassion as our armor, we even have our own little shell protecting us just like the snails have…


6 responses to “13: Slow down now

  1. wonderful photo and very nice and moving words, Pieter. I like the idea of having my house always with me, but I don’t like slugs at all, because they always eat the nicest flowers in our garden:( Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • hehe i remember you mentioned before you don’t like slugs. I have learned to accept them and see that they’re very useful. But i can understand that it doesn”t do good to the relationship if they eat the nicest flowers πŸ™‚ Perhaps one day you can make a pact hehe

      wish you a lovely day!

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