1: You – an ode to Nature

Touched by the immensity of you. Even though i can hear the traffic in the distance, in here there is only you.
You whisper so softly in my ears. Your sweet melodies are composed of the finest tunes.
Blackbirds chatter as a Robin sets the stage for an impressive solo. The symphony is intriguing.
You just leave me speechless time after time. Just being here with you is enough.
In here everything can be. Everything i wanted to say has lost its importance.
Insects dance in the late sunlight, while the water calmly follows the stream.
In your green arms i can finally rest. Ever so gently, the night settles in.


4 responses to “1: You – an ode to Nature

  1. Such beautiful words, that really came out of your heart, Pieter. I can fully understand you and feel the same sometimes. Have a nice weekend, regards Mitza

    • Thank you so much Mitza. it really is my intention to only write from the heart for this project, as i feel that it will bring the genuine within to life. And inspiring to hear you understand what i’m saying.. in nature we can really be ourselves.. and thanks for giving me inspiration for day 2: the Heart πŸ™‚

      Warm regards,

    • Thank you Julie πŸ™‚ that’s the goal, to let the words match with the images. So nice to get this feedback πŸ™‚
      Warm regards Pieter

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