Job interview

Today I had a job interview. The days counting towards the interview were mentally a bit exhausting and thrilling. And now afterwards I’m wondering whether I said the right things. And now I realize waiting is even more exciting. So a good moment to pause and see what’s going on inside.

Very intriguing how the mind works. This whole process has created lots of body specific  sensations which it then deems tension and thus stressful. But in reality these are just sensations. Neither good nor bad. I’ll just have to breath into them and be mindful.

In the end I’ll just have to wait a few days for an answer. In the meantime thinking or stressing about the situation won’t be of any help πŸ™‚ Patience is my friend here..


10 responses to “Job interview

  1. Wishing you the best of luck, Pieter! πŸ™‚
    It’s tough finding jobs in this day and age. It was even tough when i was younger! These days, it’s much more difficult to find something. Never get discouraged or depressed over things like this; a lot of it has to do with things that are out of our hands (for the most part). In the near future, it will even be more difficult, with robots taking over many jobs that humans performed.

    • Thank you Tom! πŸ™‚
      And yes I know it’s difficult from time to time. Atm I still have work so that’s covered. But I think I can learn lots of new things with this job. We’ll see.. and robots taking over the work, that’s an interesting development. It can go in multiple directions.. if we would be smart we could share the benefit for all, as I see big possibilities. Thinking about the consequences is a good idea. Perhaps something to write about.. I’ll keep it in mind!

  2. Ah yes, my days of job interviews are over, practicing the skill of being someone else, and all these different selves we can wear like a suit of clothing…

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