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Horrific Fun



Today i’d like to share a bit more about this image. But not to spoil the fun about the making off, you’ll have to click ‘continue reading’. So perhaps first look for a while and then read on if you’re interested

When i was at Artis Zoo there was a little fountain which i liked.


When i had posted this on another photo site i could not help but see a face in it. Somehow it gave me horror associations. For a while i had the idea, but didn’t do anything with it. I did edit the fountain into a more dark scene.


This image really gave me more horror associations, due to the dark nature and the white spots which made it look like an alien face or something. Last week i just had to do something with it, after i saw this image again. So i took a few shots and used them to blend with this image.

This is the photo i used for creating the face:


In Photoshop elements i cut out my face and started to fit it onto the fountain. Then there was a lot of playing with the image, the background color, density, saturation and opacity. I forgot to take screenshots, something to remember for the next time 🙂

I do have some early attempts:

attempt1 attempt2 attempt3

It was good fun to make, so even though the image may look a bit scary, just know that it was made with fun in my mind 😉

So to top it off, here is another version i’ve made 🙂



10 thoughts on “Horrific Fun

  1. This picture is amazing, it looks like you are entering into another world or dimension.

  2. wow! well done Pieter and I love your imagination!

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