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Zutphen Skyline



Klein Zutphen 1

Zutphen is a Dutch city i frequently visit. I’ve seen the skyline quite a few times, but never actually photographed it. So last Friday when i was there again, i took the change to make some photos of the old city skyline.Klein Zutphen 4Klein Zutphen 2 Klein Zutphen 3


9 thoughts on “Zutphen Skyline

  1. that seems to be a wonderful place to be, to walk and to photograph. Never heard of this little town. Great photos, Pieter, have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Thank you Mitza 🙂 It is a wonderful city to walk around in. It’s not that big, so that probably explains why you never heard of it. And second, you’re not Dutch.. that’s the big reason lol 😉
      Best wishes, Pieter

      • Well, my father forgot to have a child in Rotterdam, where he has been quite often, hehe

      • Which is also a lovely (little bigger) city 🙂 Then we couldve communicated in Dutch.. jetzt sollen wir es auf Deutsch versuchen 😉

      • I have been in Amsterdam once and really loved it. I even have a Dutch cousin in Greece. She speaks perfect German and many other languages (she’s a simultaneous translator), but I never expect anybody to write German to me. I prefer English, Pieter, but thanks for your kind offer. 🙂

      • hehe then we could’ve talked Dutch. Jeztst konnen wir nur auf Deutsch oder English reden 😉

      • But Dutch isn’t hard to understand and I love Dutch and Dutch people. They are very talented for languages and funny.

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