Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation

Rumbling Skies


Onweer klein1 Onweer klein2 Onweer klein3

Completely surrounded by the force of nature
I can only stand and look in awe
As the lightning is followed by loud rumbling
A car alarm goes off in the distance
Triggered by the impact of the blasts
Glad I’m standing safe inside
Cause no matter how amazing the spectacle
Lightning can strike with all of its might

Onweer klein4 Onweer klein5 Onweer klein6


4 thoughts on “Rumbling Skies

  1. We had a very heavy thunderstorm last night, too, with hundreds of lightnings and thunder, really frightening. Great photos, Pieter. Regards Mitza

  2. Great shots, Pieter! 🙂
    We’ve been getting a lot of thunderstorms too, finally! It was bone dry for the longest time and everything was withering.

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