Walking in the forest

Close to Glen Coe in Scotland my father and i did a 2 hour hike. Great place to walk, with beautiful pine forests and every now and then a great view over the Glen. These are two images of the walk which i gave a personal touch

Walking in the forest kleiner

Walking in the forest2


4 responses to “Walking in the forest

  1. I love them. Then, I always was fond of woods and forests, having grown up among them. Now I see flat land, city lights and Lake Michigan. But I have to take a bus to see Lake Michigan, as I live on the far side of the city, rather than near the lake.

    • Must be quite a difference to live in the city compared to living close to the woods. I live in a normal sized town with relatively much nature around me. I don’t know how living in the cities would be and yet I don’t feel the need to try

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