Red Admiral

Atalanta closed Atalanta open

First of all, what a cool name for this butterfly! In Dutch this species is called Atalanta – after the Latin name, but Red Admiral sounds very cool 🙂 Today I’ve got two photographs, one with the wings closed and one with the wings opened. Luckily the butterfly was buzzing around my head and landing close by so i could should both. My personal preference goes out to the wings closed, since this side of the wings is so incredibly patterned and colored. And yet, with it’s wings fully open, it’s also a beauty.. why would i make a choice anyway lol..

3 responses to “Red Admiral

  1. Both shots are so beautiful.
    Capturing butterflies, just like birds, is too difficult.

    You are right, the name is amazing!
    I wanted to write “what a creative title!”, at first.

    All the best,
    – Gol

    • Thank you.. funny to see we share the same interests yet we have different skills.. i love drawings and painting, but i have to start doing it. And i’m sure that you love photography and if you would pick it up, you would create amazing stuff too..

      But there can only be one Red Admiral 🙂 Amazing name for such an amazing creature!
      Thank you for your lovely comment Gol!


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