The Mansion


A photograph of a nice house somewhere around the city i live. Came across it today when i saw the reflection in the water. I decided to come back later, since there were some people standing right at the spot. Had a bit of a bad experience in the recent past, so i went on to stroll. Came back later to find the spot all to myself. So i took the opportunity to take a few shots and this is one of them. It’s a HDR, but i hope you don’t notice that lol

Click one time for a good image, the photograph isnt blurred actually 😉


4 responses to “The Mansion

  1. I live in an urban area, and use a powerchair to get around. It is difficult for me to find opportunities for pictures that portray the beauty, oddness, or patterns which I like to take. I do enjoy looking at yours.

    • I’ve seen pictures of you in your chair, I can’t imagine how it must be like but I salute your bravery and endurance Karen! I hope that you can manage with the limits that you have to enjoy making pictures! Thanks again for your lovely comments!

  2. If we are not waiting for the light to change we are waiting for people to move out of frame. It’s good the people left because you have a lovely shot.

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