Flowing through the City

City Creek klein
Creative Commons License

A couple of years ago parts of the original watercourse of this local creek were restored. And i must say they’ve done an amazing job. Not only does it give our small city centre a natural feel, it also helps the local Kingfishers. I’ve been fortunate to have seen one Kingfisher right here on this spot i’ve photographed. It was sitting right next to the back corner of the building on the right side of the picture.. So one day i’ll hope to photograph our blue feathered friend at this spot 🙂

Used a ND-filter for this picture, EXIF-info: F 5.6 3.2 sec ISO 100 focal length 22mm

3 responses to “Flowing through the City

  1. Nice shot, how useful do you think the ND filters is?
    I saw some nice photos yesterdays that was taken with a GNF but i don’t know so much about filters. And what price range is your filter on?

    • Hello Viktor,

      Thank you for your comment. I guess it depends what you’d like to photograph 🙂 I love photographing water and to get rid of the hard edges of the water i use the ND filter. Also it can be used to recreate the flow of the water – see https://pnco.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/spiraling-leaves/ for an example
      GNF doesn’t ring a bell, do you have a link to the pictures so i can take a look for myself?

      The ND filter i use is a low-budget one. Since i’m only a beginner i choose to first learn how to photograph before buying expensive equipment. I think i paid around €30,- for this filter, might be a little more but under €40,-


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