Stonehenge 2 kl
Stonehenge kl
Stonehenge ZW 2
Stonehenge1 kl
Creative Commons License

Stonehenge.. what a sight! And what a busy sight lol.. it was crowded when we got there, understandable since the weather was absolutely perfect.. yet i managed to make a pic where i only had to remove 2 persons from the side of the picture.. didnt look that way when we got there 🙂

So i did a little bit of mixing up.
First one is Stonehenge in color, background b&w
Second one is Stonehenge in b&w, background in color
Third one is Stonehenge and background in b&w
Fourth one is Stonehenge and background in color

I was wondering.. which one has your preference? Let me know what you think!


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