A Matter of Space and Time

Space, time and matter are connected in a triangular way, but in the end its the connection between space and time, matter and space.

What we see as space is actually matter.
What we see as time is actually space.

Space gives us the possibility to experience matter. Without room for something, we would not be able to feel something as an object – since we know matter is mostly empty space. Space and matter are the positive and negative side of a magnetic force.

Time seems to be giving matter the opportunity to change. But time in itself is a construct, a creation by man. Space however can interact with matter. Space is matter’s negative, so time can be equalled to space. There is only this one instant in which everything happens. It is up to us, to learn to let go of the need for control of the moment. We want to control and guide our experience so bad, because we feel disconnected from it. We see the outside world as something we have to fight with. But in reality we are one side of a magnetic force, the other side being everything you experience as being outside of yourself. That outside is just as much a part of you as your body (matter) is. If we realize that every thing we experience, is allready the experience we’ve wanted to experience, there is no more need for changing the situation (experience). As we allow the experience to happen, we realize that in our body we as matter can connect with true space-time. This is the yin yang, the body (matter) experience in holy union with the mental (spacial). We create the experience always, every moment.

And if we can apply this to ourselves, the need for an I or identity disappears as we realize that we are all we’re experiencing. Everybody is all (space) and at the same time, everybody is singular (matter). All and nothing at the same time. But unless you let go of your pushing against life, life can’t pull you in. What if you’re to stop pushing your magnet towards life and instead let life pull you with its force?

3 responses to “A Matter of Space and Time

  1. I like it! Something I came to recently….Universe I’m ready to let you guide me instead of trying to control my direction in life.

    Seems we are coming from a very similar angle Pieter. I will read this again as I’d never looked at it quite like this with time, space, matter.

    • Thanks for bringing my attention to this. This is one of those philosophical musings i sometimes have/do. This one in particular is something to ponder. I’m glad that it gave you a fresh perspective, it’s always good to step out of the box 🙂

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