Having an urge

I have urge to speak

To convince and to discuss

Though it is futile

The ground of being

Has never left me at all

No need for searching

Allowing this state

Being in the moment now

Letting it all go


I’d love to tell you all i think what is true, but i realize that its of no use. Every one of us is unique and has his/her own unique set of thoughts, ideas and qualities which you share with the world. Its so amazing to feel the interconnectedness, to see that everything fits together. That we sometimes don’t understand.. its ok. Why should we understand? What’s understanding something anyway? Isnt it relating to something?

I realize that the trick is to play the role the way it is meant to be played. To truely live your Shakespearean role and life the Divine Comedy. With all its stress, pain, suffering, life has still magical gifts for us. Its up to us to see them.

It can be hard.. very hard and difficult.


For we blind ourselves.


And yet, even the act of blinding is illuminating



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