Big Spider

Big SpiderSorry if you’re an arachnophobic.. πŸ™‚

When we were camping in Mareeba (Queensland), there was a big spider crawling around.. dont know which species it is, but it was about 10-12cm long


5 responses to “Big Spider

      • To be honest, such creatures are part of the reason why I didn’t make it to Oz yet.

        With today’s camera lenses and macro converters I wasn’t sure first how big the spider was, but when I read 10-12 cm you definitely scared me!

      • Just read some articles on spiders the other day and it turns out there are a few you should keep away from, but most are not as dangerous as they’ve been portraited.. Oz is awesome btw πŸ™‚

      • Have you read about a very small spider which is the most dangerous, paralyzing you with one bite?
        Just to be sure I think I will keep away from all spiders (and snakes, and crocodiles, and jellyfish, and not to forget all the poisonous plants over there…sigh) – if I ever dare to go πŸ˜‰

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