Shine on award!!

Charlotte Carrendar nominated me for the Shine on award.. Well, let the sun shine in..


First i have to admit that i am a bit of a lazy blogger. I try to read as much from other blogs as possible, but sometimes i just seem to get stuck halfway through the process. Its like how i use the internet, i have a small routine of visiting a couple of sites and for the rest the internet doesnt exist lol. But i´ve already seen so many inspiring blogs, so its my intention to keep a little bit more up with all these fantastic sources of inspiration.

I’ve seen a few awards being passed around now, but its fun to see my blog being awarded too. Thank you for liking my blog Charlotte!

And to keep the carrousel going, i’ll cooperate and choose 15 blogs of my own liking. I´ve decided to choose those blogs who in my opinion deserve a lot more followers and attention. There are a couple of sites which i like a lot who receive a lot of visitors allready, so i decided to keep it small, nice and simple 🙂

THE RULES for the award ARE:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

Seven things about me are:

  1. I have two big black cats in the house, who i refuse to put online for their safety 🙂
  2. Somehow i ended up being kinda lazy, i love my bed!
  3. I love baked potatoes, especially if they were cooked the day before (try it out yourself!)
  4. I live 100 meters away from the railway station and yet i manage to miss the train quite a lot
  5. When i was young i wanted to become a zoo director
  6. I love speaking english with people, for it gives me a kind of strange familiar homecoming feeling when speaking to strangers
  7. Once after i was working at a bar, being drunk, i played a soccer match and actually scored quite some amazing goals (the opposite side wasnt that good though, to be honest ;))

Now for the real stars of the show, here come my 15 favorites:

The ancient eavesdropper Great poetry by a fellow ecologist, very much worth the read!

Bailey Boat Cat This blog is Bailey the boat cat and his adventures with humans! It’s Pawesome!

The Adventures of Elatlboy Who doesn’t love coffee? Every week a nice coffee tip and a lot more to see and read!

The Rider South Africa at its best! Great stories by the Rider and sometimes i can even understand some Afrikaans in the comments!

Nature has no Boss Nature photography as i like it! Beautiful pictures and a lot of respect for nature, which i appreciate very much!

Oh My God My Wife is German As a Dutchmen, we have  love-hate relationship with Germany. The author of this blog sure knows the feeling!

Universe of Ones I love Sacred Geometry and i´m glad i found about this blog. Geometry combined with the spiritual search!

Lijiun Poetry meets photography meets Buddhism! A very inspirational blog with lots of great insights

50 Shades of Me Honest, open, hurting, painful, inspiring! A beautiful authentic voice with a powerful message

Van Benschoten A painful and yet beautiful blog by a woman who survived sexual abuse. One brave blogger!

My Thoughts on a Page Very creative writings written with a lot of humor! I especially love the blog on making some bloggin money

Always Backroads A wanderer in the desert with keen sight for the amazing and beautiful! I like the photograpy on this blog a lot!

R & P Photography Beautiful pictures from a beautiful New Zealand! Kiwi love is very much present on this blog

Simon Bowler Photos Schotland at its best! Beautiful photography blog by Simon with a keen eye for scenic landscapes, beautiful castles and old churches

Northern Desert Last but not least! Beautiful photography and a lover of stallions and horses! Absolute quality!


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