Christchurch Port Hills and Summit Road

In 2008 i spend 7 months in New Zealand. I had the opportunity to work with the Christchurch Park Rangers and this brought me to many places in and around Christchurch (3rd largest city in New Zealand). Around Christchurch there are a lot of hills and at one of these locations (Port Hills) i spend six months doing my internship. It was great fun working with the rangers and its said to think that the city and its surroundings have been been totally changed by the 2010/2011 earthquakes..

I’m not sure whether the Summit Road is opened again, but the last pictures i saw only showed big rocks on the road (check out this vid And since the road is not part of the main infrastructure, it might take years before the road will be cleaned up. The city comes first, which is logical.

Anyway, i had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time on the Summit Road. And the view is simply stunning! Beauty in all directions.
Here are some pictures i took during the 6-month internship period
Christchurch flood
Looking towards Southern Alps
Lyttleton Harbour and Diamond Harbour

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